Realify PaperOffice

Realify PaperOffice 2015 R2240

Realify PaperOffice is a document management system to declare war to your flood of paper!

Realify PaperOffice is a document management system to declare war to your flood of paper!

The best program to manage all documents

Realify PaperOffice takes all kinds of files/scans /photo/Office via numerous ways (vPrinter, app, scanner, ...) in document folders, created previews, results in text detections and stores them encrypted in a central database.

All information centralized and accessible from anywhere

Any saved data and information can be, for example, categorized, linked with contacts / appointments, provided with additional information and multi-level user rights. Access to all information locally or centrally via the network.

Highest update rate through the new integrated Realify LiveUpdate your installation is kept almost automatically in real time up to date: from new functions, through program adjustments, to adapt to standards and regulations.

Automated document processing in the background by the innovative FileOCRmax IntelligentSystem Realify PaperOffice recognizes fully automated when new document is available. Due to the predefined language settings there will be a detailed document analysis in LiveView mode.

Intelligent detection of document language for individual files through the in Realify PaperOffice integrated FIS (FileIntelligentSystem) you have the chance to make the text recognition with different languages of each individual files within the document folder without changing of your main settings - even with mixed documents!

Perfect OCR text recognition by industry dictionaries which are constantly updated in the fields of general, medical, legal, industry and finance.

Proven surface through the use of the original and best Realify PaperOffice program interface in combination with the new built Realify FlipView for a live preview of documents and files.

Unique support by providing all support services that were previously only reserved exclusively for corporate users. From direct Live Chat support over telephone support up to remote support.

Realify PaperOffice


Realify PaperOffice 2015 R2240

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  • Acers1981

    by Acers1981

    "powerfull document management"

    A time ago i searched for software which archive my documents into one. And of course helps me too find later all my inf... More.

    reviewed on January 16, 2015